Nature's Bounty: Four Centuries of Plant Exploration in New Brunswick
C. Mary Young

This study of plant exploration in New Brunswick from 1604 to 2000 is placed firmly within a regional framework. It encompasses short biographical sketches and tells the stories of naturalists and botanists in the light of the times in which they lived. The account illustrates the development of the science of botany and shows how, as museums and learning centres were established in the new land, North Americans became masters in their own house, taking over the botanical enquiry that had previously been the prerogative of Europeans. It examines early ecological studies and curious anomalies of plant distribution, as well as the modern-day emphasis on plant diversity and the need for conservation. It embodies implicit lessons that speak to our present-day concerns with climate change and the environment. Finally, it claims a place for early UNB botanists and for New Brunswick in botanical and environmental historiography.

The book may be viewed online or downloaded in PDF or ePub formats.